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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

LK Report for 8/29/17 - Blaming Parents First

Here are today's headlines.  
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A Bronx mom whose young son was malnourished because the rats in their apartment kept eating their food had her kids taken away. The city then gave the foster care family $1000 a month to feed the children.

This story of government obtuseness and cruelty appeared in a recent New York Times op-ed by Emma S. Ketteringham, managing director of the family defense practice at the Bronx Defenders. As she noted, the problem, in this case, was not negligence or abuse, it was poverty.


I’ve been contemplating writing on this for a while now, but I’ve held back. I work a lot on this in therapy but I’ve never written it down for everyone else to read. I’m trying to be brave and hopeful that there will be no retaliation. It is a real fear.


WILKES-BARRE — A federal judge on Monday threw out a lawsuit a domestic violence victim filed alleging Luzerne County Children and Youth Services improperly took away her children.


This isn’t supposed to happen. Child welfare agencies are supposed to take children out of abusive situations, not put them into ones.

Arizona’s Department of Child Safety wrongly took a little girl away from her parents and placed her with a foster parent who ran a pornographic pedophile ring and committed sexual misconduct against a minor. They also placed her with a woman who burnt her over 80 percent of her body with scalding water.


Half a million children live in foster care in the US. More than 100,000 are waiting to be adopted. The good news is that attitudes toward foster children are changing. Growing numbers of people who want to adopt say they’d consider adopting a foster child, according to a survey conducted for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.


TAMPA — The death of a 17-month-old toddler who was weeks away from a possible adoption led to a rash of arrests and questions about the foster care system.

More >> Eight months after child's death, fate of foster mom still hangs in the balance

FORT COLLINS, Colo (CBS4) – CBS4 is examining the issues around “Aging Out”, the point when a teenager leaves the foster care system in Colorado.

More >> Foster Parent: ‘The Outcomes I Have Seen Haven’t Been Great’

The children’s rights watchdog is to investigate reports that a five-year-old Christian girl was left distressed after being placed in foster care in two Muslim households in east London.

More >> Council to be questioned after placing Christian girl with Muslim foster carers


A damning internal report by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) has found it misused its power when it placed a toddler in temporary foster care, where he drowned in an unauthorized backyard pool in 2014.

More >> Braxton Slager: FACS misused power to place toddler in overcrowded foster care, report finds

More and more children, under the age of 6, are currently taking psychiatric drugs. And doctors don’t care how harmful the side-effects are to so many of these beautiful young minds. They don’t care that drugging up a young child can cause serious brain-damage and even death. They don’t care that most of these young children will grow up on drugs, which will cause everything from little to no impulse control and violent behavior to brain tumors.

More >> More Than A Million Children Under The Age Of 6 Are On Psychiatric Drugs In America

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