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Monday, August 14, 2017

LK Report for 8/14/17 - Poor CPS, Overworked and Underfunded. Waaaaaa! Boo hoo...

Here are today's headlines.  
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WENTWORTH — A Reidsville man who allegedly shot into the car of a Rockingham County social worker has filed a $23 million federal lawsuit against Sheriff Sam Page, the sheriff’s department and department of social services.
Neal alleged in the complaint that his children were unlawfully placed with the foster care system and that law enforcement entered his home without a search warrant or proper documentation, causing mental and emotional distress. 
He is seeking $14 million for violation of his and his children’s constitutional rights. He is also asking for $5 million in punitive damages for the intentional infliction of emotional distress and $4 million for the mental and emotional damages caused in their removal from their home.  
More >> Reidsville man charged with shooting at social worker files lawsuit against Sheriff Page

Note: Waaaaa!

TAMPA — If Florida's overburdened child welfare system has an epicenter, it's Hillsborough County.

An average of 3,600 children were in foster care in the county during 2016, the most in Florida. Hillsborough also has among the highest number of child abuse investigations and removal rates.

More >> Hillsborough loses big as state fails to divide child welfare money by need

BATON ROUGE - Auditors examining the Department of Children and Family Services’ oversight of its Foster Care Program found that the Department struggles with high caseloads and staff turnover, which affects employees’ ability to ensure the safety and well-being of children in foster care, the Legislative Auditor said in a report released today. In addition, auditors found that the Department did not ensure required background checks were performed for prospective foster care providers and that some foster care providers had previous valid cases of abuse or neglect.

More >> Report: DCFS high caseloads hamper ability to operate foster care program


Australia - Priests who fail to tell police about suspected child sexual abuse should face criminal charges, even when they learn of abuse during a confidential religious confession, Australia's most powerful investigative authority recommended on Monday.

More >> Australian inquiry: Priests should report abuse confessions

ROYAL COMMISSION RECOMMENDS: Making failure to report child sexual abuse in institutions a criminal offence.

More >> Abuse inquiry's failure to report offence

Oklahoma - A thief wiped out a warehouse full of donations for foster children. Luggage With Love, a nonprofit, had just put in a warehouse in Pottawatomie County to serve even more kids.

More >> Burglar Steals $4,000 Worth Of Donations For Oklahoma Foster Children

NEWPORT, RI—A story about abuse and exploitation of children inside Rhode Island group homes included a recent incident at a home for girls on Girard Avenue. According to the Providence Journal, an employee allegedly enticed two 15-year-old girls to go outside and fight. When they did, a female arrived and assaulted them, as the employee had pre-arranged. He since has quit his job with Child and Family Services. The girls suffered minor injuries, and police are investigating, the Journal said.

More >> Newport Group Home Employee Arranged Fight, Assault On Two 15-Year-Old Girls

SACRAMENTO — State officials have ordered Sacramento County to shut down its foster care intake office by the end of next month, calling for an end to an illegal operation where abused and neglected children are poorly supervised, sleep on the floor, and are often preyed upon by human traffickers.

More >> State orders troubled Sacramento foster care office to close

RACINE — The grandmother of the 3-year-old Racine boy shot to death last month is pleading with the county to return his two young brothers to her after removing them from her home last week.

More >> Grandmother fights to keep brothers of shot 3-year-old together

Centralia’s Kiwanis Vocational Home, open from 1979 to 1994, was intended to be a safe place for wayward boys, a state-licensed foster home where 11- to 17-year-olds could get an education and job skills in a “family atmosphere,” according to a 1986 Chronicle article.

More >> Sexual Abuse, Fraud and Negligence Alleged at Closed Centralia Home for Boys

NSW - A foster carer admitted pulling an eight-year-old boy's hair, tying his hands with a skipping rope, then strapping him to a pole while he was "squealing like a pig".

More >> Foster carer banned for tying up boy with skipping rope while he squealed 'like a pig'

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