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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

LK Report for 8/2/17 - Strip Searched by CPS and More...

Here are the headlines for today.  Check back soon!
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It was almost midnight when the social workers demanded to strip search
the DeMalia’s infant child.


Remember Baby P?   The kid who died from horrific abuse after 60 visits from social workers, nurses and doctors?

Vile Steven Barker was locked up over the death of 17-month-old Peter Connelly in north London.

The tragic tot died after suffering more than 50 injuries over an eight-month period in a case that shocked the country.


A 38-year-old foster dad was arrested Tuesday evening and booked into Lee County Jail on charges of suspected homicide and cruelty toward a child. 


A social worker failed to safeguard vulnerable young victims of the Rochdale grooming gang and closed their cases prematurely, a tribunal heard.


The LGBTQ Commission in Seattle, Wash., called for Democratic Mayor Ed Murray to resign on July 24 because of accusations and mounting evidence that Murray – who is a homosexual and “married” to a man – apparently sexually assaulted teenagers in the 1980s.


Players for the new “Sims 4” game have started speedrunning how fast they can go from game start to having a child taken away by Child Protective Services. YouTuber SimplySeze has made a new record: 15 minutes and 38 seconds. To do this, you have to get married, pregnant, and go through birth, then actively neglect the child until CPS shows up—and people are loving it.


DALLAS (AP) - A judge has ruled that a family has the right to bury a biological son removed from his family's home by Child Protective Services, not CPS.


Rose and Rodney Hunsicker’s 14-year-old daughter, Grace Packer, was raped and strangled, allegedly with the consent of someone the courts said was a better parent than they were.

More >> Grace Packer's biological parents seek access to her estate

The controversy over a meeting involving members of the Trump campaign and Russian officials continues to grow. But one aspect of it may seem curious to people who don't follow Russian politics: the idea that the meeting centered on adoptions.

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