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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New KFC advert ruffles feathers

New KFC advert ruffles feathers

Foster carers and adoptive families who took exception to the new KFC TV advert took to social media to express their views as it hit their screens this week. The ad shows a boy with his social worker, arriving in a foster/adoptive family for the first time to a KFC dinner, and then whizzes through the highlights of his growing up in that family, playing football, getting a girlfriend, graduating... and then returning as an adult to visit his family for another KFC bargain bucket.

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  1. Absolutely disgusting! I already don't like that company. But will for sure boycott it now! I'm tired of the media playing on this, acting like this is the norm. TV shows like The Fosters depicting the new American family as a guy couple with foster kids. It's not okay for the state to rip families apart for profits! People need to wake up and do something before it happens to them.


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