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Friday, February 20, 2015

American Children Wrongfully Taken From Loving Families. Why?

This video starts a discussion about how an Industry has been created from unintended consequences of a Federal Funding program that was intended to prevent child abuse and protect children. Instead, an industry has been born by which State governments across America have become dependent on the funding that has lead to what data is showing a high rate of non-abused children being wrongfully removed from loving, good parents who simply don't have money to fight the system. These hearings are secret and confidential so that patterns of unethical, inhumane, unconstitutional, and criminal activity are not seen by the public. That is how they get away with it, they hide under the "confidentiality" of child welfare. NO CHILD SHOULD EVER BE ABUSED, not by a parent and certainly not by the state. It is apparent in the available data that many states are keeping quotas to maximize their entitlements under the many Federal Funding programs. But how do they get away with it? Simple, there are too many people that are benefiting and/or profiting off of the industry and that includes state budgets. But the numbers are growing and more and more victims are coming together to save their children, or when their children have already been take, to help future victim families. One thing is certain, in order for states to continue to feed this beast of an industry, they must keep their stock up. Their stock is the children of unsuspecting parents. We need laws to make these matters transparent and to require independent auditing and a complaint process to safeguard children and families. Know this, nearly every good, loving parent that has encountered this fraud has said this "I would have never believed it before I found myself in this nightmare. I thought that if CPS or the state had your kids it was because they had evidence of abuse but now I know that is just not true. They don't need anything but an anonymous complaint to take your children away."

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