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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cops Stop Teens for Shoveling Snow, Stirring A Heap Of Controversy

It’s a practice that’s about as common as setting up a lemonade stand. In central New Jersey, local residents would hardly balk at two teenagers knocking on the door with snow shovels and offering to shovel a driveway for a buck or two. 
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Note: When I was a kid, I used to shovel driveways, mow lawns, set up lemonade stands, you name it.  If one person said no, you moved on to the next.  There was never a problem and I rarely got paid before the job was done.

So now, what articles like this tell me is that I've been a hardened criminal since I was like ten.  So all I can say is:  'Fuck you, you stupid idiot cops!'  You should all be glad that these kids are learning the value of work instead of welfare.  I don't see you getting out there helping grandma shovel her driveway.

We all need to live and work together.  The fact that some people are assholes doesn't change that and shouldn't ruin it for the rest.  However, due to recent events such as the kids getting busted for running lemonade stands, parents getting reported for letting their kids play alone outside or the schools ratting parents out for every little scrape on the knee, and now a kid can't shovel driveways without it being a crime?  

The normal people really need to pull their heads out of their asses.  And whoever called the cops on these kids should be beaten just for doing so.  Some people really do deserve it you know.

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