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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How To Make Money From CPS - Pizza fundraiser to benefit kids in foster care

With National Child Abuse Awareness (Propaganda) Month coming up barely over a month away (April), you can bet your sweet ass that all of the agencies who make their money off of the nations vulnerable children and families will be planning their fun awareness campaigns, award ceremonies, events and fundraisers.

They will fluff the numbers and stand around telling the most horrific child abuse stories in a desperate attempt to tug on your heartstrings enough to move you to action to donate your hard earned money so they can steal and service more kids.  There will be dinners where the proceeds are donated to a CASA chapter.   There will be day long awareness events and even road races and games with prizes, where the proceeds and entry fees will benefit some child abuse program.  There blue pinwheel's and ribbons for sale all across the good old USA!  You'll be able to write your name on a paper blue ribbon cut out and stick it up in the window of a store for a dollar!

With that said, small business owners can also benefit from the activities of the Child Protective Industry.  By simply offering to donate a small portion of their profits to an agency or a program that deals with abused or neglected children, they are often granted free advertising in newspaper articles like this one which set off this whole little rant here...

... where you even buy a lottery ticket to win a free pizza for a dollar, and get a pizza while you're there (how can you resist once the smell of pizza hits you?) Thus increasing overall sales and profitability in the process.

And the best part is that the normal people fall for it!

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