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Friday, August 31, 2012

Oh my God, how can you pick on those Angels of Mercy who protect children?

As many of you know, there has been a lot of hype this week regarding a website from the UK called UK Social Workers Exposed that has been exposing the workers in what is arguably the most dangerous country in the world to be a parent.  According to the social workers, this site promotes hate towards  government workers who protect children from parents who are deemed unworthy for whatever frivolous reason they can think up.  Of course, the UK is also well known for it's adoption quota's, and stealing newborns right from the hospital for whatever frivolous reason they can think up.  And it is also known that British social workers will even enter other countries to snatch kids from parents who have fled.

That said, I myself have been criticized once or twice, usually by some system suck who considers themselves a savior of children in whatever regard while at the same time demonizing every parent who has ever been victimized by any child welfare agency out there.  I've been called every name in the book.  Sooner or later you get used to it.  It comes with the territory of running a controversial website.  And no matter how hard I try to make everybody happy, I learned a long time ago that no matter what I say, it's going to piss somebody off.

So anyway, I was bouncing around Facebook this evening, and came across a post from my buddy Jessie, who just happens to have spent some time in foster care up in Canada himself and who made a really interesting point.

You rock Jessie.  Keep up the good work.
Government says site like mine and many others are hateful>

Hateful is making people paranoid of Jewish people or Muslims... or each other... fear promotes hate.....

Government says everyone is suspect and they hold the right to walk into your home any time they want with out a warrant and steal us from our parents and subject us to a life of hell and pedophiles while they are at home on the weekends eating BBQ living and enjoying life with their families instead of mr sicko. Which of course is making that lifestyle for them possible....

That is hate......

Your not just spreading it you twisted freaks... your profiting off it ten fold.

Then attacking your victims when they step up to you.... trying to tell the public anything but the truth about us... putting up the safe streets act to hind your thousands of kids in Ontario... living on the streets... as they attempted to adapt to being on the run from government unlawful captivity.

The government then set up shelters to try to catch them and learn how they are using the street to survive outside the system.... they did this by opening youth and child shelters... at first anyone could go.... they offered free food and said certian government agencies could not go inside... then they gave them money to fill out surveys... gave them money to tell them their names and all kinda of stuff....... then got many dependent on that system instead....

Then government said.. "In order for these places to remain open we need to know who they are how mnay are using it.. and we need all the info you have collected...."

Then the safe streets act was introduced.... then the services the kids became dependent on said "You need ID or you can't eat here."

And the round up and clean up of the Ottawa streets began....

Don't worry assholes... We documented it.

You really shouldn't keep everything on your computers and put so much faith in your tech people.... just for future notice.....

Gov... 15 years ago.. I was sent in to Parliament by over 90 street youth... to try to get you to stop victimizing them.
Check your records I left my name... you even made me leave my squeegie with security... I talked to your staff... they thought it funny I should have the idea anyone would care what I had to say... or what any of us had to say.

I took your position and my squeegie back to the group.

You sealed your fate as a class of people that day. We were just innocent kids... and you would think so little of us...?

We asked you nicely... remember that....

It's not about hate.... it's about disgust for an entire corrupt and out of control class of people who are all screwing us three ways from Sunday....

We love life... we value it more then anything.....we are asking people if they could stop killing us in foster care. And stop sticking us there based on their opinions. They are not gods... pointing this out is hateful?

How can people think of what we are saying as hate?

What we say is out of disgust.... we could be so much more... but all the wrong people are running the show.. and have us divided up like cattle into classes....

Only the corrupt and their idgit wanna be followers will tell you what we say is out of hate....

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