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Friday, August 31, 2012

Now the Government of the UK is trying to reason with bullshit

Governments slam 'appalling' social worker hate site

Creators of UK Social Workers Exposed urged to reconsider their actions and warned that undermining social workers increases risks to children.

Note: There's no such thing as bad publicity and children are at risk when social workers come into their lives.  

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  1. I fail to see what anyone doing the amazing work they claim to be doing ie.'protecting' children everywhere from their 'terrible families', would be so worried about....surely anyone who did such commendable work on a daily basis would welcome the chance for 'exposure' and would take any criticism with a pinch of salt, safe in the knowledge that they were doing a good job. However it seems the idea of 'exposure' has sent off a little wave of panic as the SS insiders start scrambling to do what they do best and get anyone who tries to speak out against them silenced... not for their sake of course but in the interest of child protection (which apparantly is being put at risk by the things said against them on the website) ...ahh that old chestnut, seems anything goes if they slap a label 'child protection' on nothing new there then.


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