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Sunday, June 26, 2011

From Milinda

Children and youth threatened me that they would give my baby to her abusive father if I don’t stop asking for help against him. I haven’t seen her in 9 months. my daughter was taken by the father and backed by cys and then Northampton county court system backed cys because I could not control my emotions when acted out in despair........the facts are disregarded by lawyers, the courts and children and youth because his family can submit creditability by dating a judge's daughter back in 2009/10. He said you will never see the light of another day when we are threw with you, he implied that the judge put his daughter’s ex-husband in jail and he will never see the light of another day. if this is a fact, how could I protect myself....children and youth lied, supervisor lied to back up the women I asked help daughter told that women in my house that she was being hurt at here dads, and at court she lied.....her are some more stories.... help us please....Dear Representative Samuelson,

What happened to justice and saving our children from abuse? I wanted to protect my daughter from abuse and instead I was threatened not to seek for abuse allegations against my baby’s daddy or I will lose my daughter. I haven’t seen her for 9 months. She is being hidden spite the fact I went 10 hours west to run from the abuse. So much to tell. My evidence, my truth, my honesty has been blackballed from the justice system. Whose side are you on? here are some more stories..... Save our Pittsburgh, PA Reply » |Report Abuse |Judge it! |#21 Apr 4, 2007 Judged: 1 o that is Washington county cys me Chesterfield, MO Reply » |Report Abuse |Judge it! |#22 Apr 6, 2007 Judged: 1 Washington County CYS is a joke, they do what they want when they want and no one can stop them, I don't even think Judge Mascara will go against them. I think the caseworkers and the attorney for the children have something going on because the attorney for the children don't want to listen either and he/she should be supporting the children NOT cys. Even if you do find an attorney to represent you, they won't really fight for your rights either, just take your money. I know there is a particular caseworker there and she is a real piece of work, young and thinks she owns the world. Her supervisor won't even go against her. Sad, really sad. I know what you mean Dunbar, PA Reply » |Report Abuse |Judge it! |#23 Apr 7, 2007 Judged: 1 prayingforamiracle wrote: my children ages (13, 8&9mths which is handicapped) have been taken recently from our home on hearsay of abuse my 13yr old which is an honor roll student in school and has won 2 international poetry awards is being held in a place for behavioral problem children along with my niece about to be 15 the younger children have been separated from each other we are crying out for any legal advice we can get. No questions of medical histories were ever asked about any of them and my baby is handicapped with recent surgery. If anyone has any information that would help this situation pls respond to and my heart TRULY goes out to all those in the same torture.....GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!

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