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Sunday, June 26, 2011

From Christina

My 4 yr old daughter Accalia has been apprehended by childwelfare under the suspision of her father residing with me. We have a no contact order in place accept for phone contact due to us having large arguments in the past.

The worker Adana called around to my day home and my landlord got an email from my landlord stating that Shane had been at the house . The three month order was not enough for these people they dug around till they found the tiniest shard of evidence and showed up with 2 police officers at the door and an apprehension order, she was at her day home, the father not present the went and picked her up from the zoo and threw her into a foster home asap.

Since they have taken her they have offered no support or say as to when she will be returned to her happy, loving home. There where no other concerns with parenting or any abuse allegations, no drugs or alcohol involved. seems like they where going to steal her no matter what, having me attend counciling and have meetings with her was all a big distraction to their ultimate goal.

My old youth worker as a child was the one to bring the apprehension order to my door ,he used to be like a friend, the more you trust one of these people the more you get screwed over.

I talked briefly to my little girl in the foster home, I was told not to call her # she has to do the calling little girl said "I love you mommy" and handed the phone back, the foster mom goes "she doesn't want to talk to you ". I asked the police to just shoot me on the way out since my life had just been stolen from me, why send 4 people to steal someones child? does the government really need to bully people to this extent?

If they cant use your history as a youth or criminal record (if you don't have one they might make one for you ) ei, I got charged with assult for punching my ex when he strangled me ,even though the charges where dropped the cops still where corrupt.As I look at her little sneakers by the door and her little sweater hanging there ,is this really necessary ?cant they provide services to help people instead of deceiving and destroying their lives.every day is lonely and sad without her .cfs are monster the ripped out my heart.

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