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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Hell story continuing on and on and on.


I am a parent, along with his mother, of a 13 1/2 year old boy with non verbal LF Autism. His long time pediatrician turned us in behind our back to social services because we rescheduled an annual physical. She also told them that we were homeschooling him. This all started three years ago yesterday.

Since then, he has been court ordered to attend public school, which he has been doing. We were court ordered a typical “service plan” that they give all parents of children they take away. Try to say their crazy and need mental health care so on and so on. It never ends with what they come up with to keep the child away longer and longer.

We have jumped through all of their hoops and complied with every single court order and have gone through two Guardian Ad Litems, the first one quit because he could not deal with it and this is our second caseworker. The first one we had lied constantly about us in all of her court reports and to everyone she talked to.

She stayed on our case longer than she was legally by DDHS policy, supposed to just so she could take our son away. Once she accomplished that, she quit her job to work for the Rocky Mountain Children’sLaw Center. Talk about a hypocrite. Her name is Sarah Dambrov. Our current GAL, Marne Melun and caseworker, Annette ware, is refusing to give our son back. Along with the Magistrate who seems to always side with state no matter what.

He’s in a horrible group home, where he does not belong, for over a year now because he missed some school in the year before this last school year. He has a safe, loving, home to be in, but they want to continue to warehouse him in a neglectful, loud, chaotic, broken down group home.

He has SID, sensory integration disorder, and now he has SIB, self injurious behavior, due to being in that group home.

There are boys there who are screaming and screeching all day long and it bothers our child so bad that he will scratch up his back.

He does not belong there or in ANY other foster care place. He loves and needs us and we love and need him. He shows us every time we visit him at that crappy group home full of noise, flies and germs, safety hazards, violation codes, etc.

He gets sick very easily and he has been sick the entire time he has been there.
They also neglected his hands which would get dry and crack and get infected. He has sensitive skin and they have been told this over and over again. They ignored his hands even though we told them about his hands and the infected cuts. He ended up getting Cellulitis in both hands and had to be treated at the Children’s Hospital’s Burn Center for 2 months and have his hands, which are everything to him, wrapped completely in casts. He has suffered so much due to that group home being neglectful, having no knowledge of Autism and their special needs, not having enough staff on hand, on and on and on.

They of course took no responsibility for what they caused, whether it was caused purposely or not. They are responsible for everything that happens to those boys who are supposed to be in their care 24/7. They are all Line Of Sight children.

His front tooth has broken off and been fixed four different times since he has been in that group home and yet no one knew what happened or how it happened. They also have safety code violations galore in that home and if you tell anyone in authority, they get revenge on you.

He has NEVER had any of those kinds of health problems or incidents when he lived at home with us. He would get sick from being at school, that’s it. Now he is sick all the time from living with 10 boys/men in that group home. I say men because they range in ages from 10-21. He has to share a room with 3-4 other boys which is ridiculous. Also because Sarah, the first caseworker court ordered him to have his own bedroom when he was living here at home. Now look, and SHE did it.

The magistrate refuses to agree that he should be brought home now. She always sides with “them”. The evil ones.

The court appointed lawyer doesn’t do much at all. Every time we try and get a new judge, GAL, caseworker, lawyer, we are talked out of it, or simply told we can’t.

The latest is that the group home has kicked me, his other parent, out of the group home for telling a screaming boy/man, 20 years old, to stop screaming and be quiet because he was disturbing our child, causing him to scratch up his back and making it bleed. They didn’t care that this other “boy” in this group home was screaming his guts out and upsetting our boy.

An overkill, haste and petty reaction to something that they should have helped taken care of. The assistant to the group home, Leah Bennett, called the caseworker, the director, and the police because a parent was frustrated that they weren’t doing anything to help the situation. They didn’t care that our child was scratching up his back and making it bleed because of this other 20 year old.

Playing favorites are they? We asked them to help over and over but they would not do anything to try to help. They refused to talk to me about the situation and my stress from my child being upset and in pain because of this child/man. All that group home does is make up lies, always have from the beginning.

We love our child and he loves us.

He missed some school one year, that’s it. They rip a child out of his loving home and away from his loving parents for over a year for that??? That’s INSANE.

DDHS/CPS is extremely misguided. Bottom line, they need to be stopped. Why are they allowed to do what they do? Rip families apart? Devastate and Destroy families and innocent children, especially special needs children who have loving parents and safe homes to live in.

A devastated soul because of DDHS.

Thank you.


No One on our case knows anything about Autism and they will not learn even when they are told by experts. They all refuse to listen.

Denver, CO
Denver County

Please, is there any one out there who can help bring these children, our beloved, precious child home where he has always belonged?.

Thank you for reading my story.


  1. Anonymous7:30 PM

    I am so so very sorry for your plight - there needs to be an uprising in this country to destroy ALL CPS systems and re-create them with moms at the wheel. If there are concerns then classes can be made available. I personally truly believe there are very very few very serious conditions in which a child should be removed 1/10,000 maybe? Maybe 1/30,000? The thing is that these social workers (and what is THAT!?!? at title that gives them the right to judge others by THEIR culture and standards??)don't have any life experience - when a mom is 40 and a SW is 26 HOW CAN A JUDGE REALLY TAKE THAT SERIOUSLY???? Esp when mom is educated? That's just ONE example of how utterly STUPID many of them are... Keep fighting! My suggestion is to find a child psychiatrist (and MD) who KNOWS about autism and a parents plight and sue the state and get that psychiatrist on the stand. I would spend every last dollar to get my son back... Good luck, God Bless and I am praying... To the moderator = HOW DO WE BEGIN AN UPRISING FOR A SPECIAL INTEREST LAW TO CHANGE THEIR POWER???

  2. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Thank you for the advice and sympathy.


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