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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Take a clear and critical look at Bachmann’s version of fact

Take a clear and critical look at Bachmann’s version of fact

Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., who announced her candidacy for the 2012 presidential election, would do well to clarify the items below. Sheryl Gay Stolberg, a well-known New York Times reporter, interviewed Bachmann on one of her frequent claims:

Note: Michelle Bachmann is a bought and sold system suck who uses her time as a foster parent to propel herself to the moral high-ground, disregardless of the fact that like any other foster parent she is aiding and abetting the child protective industry in the stealing of your children.


  1. Anonymous10:32 AM


    I am one of the numerous parents harmed by CPS and the family court system. My child was taken via false allegations and placed in a foster home. My child was mentally ill, and because I attempted to get him help for mental illness, he was taken by CPS from the psychiatric hospital, into CPS custody. Neither the hospital or CPS told me my child had sexually assaulted another child during his hospital stay and told the staff he wanted to harm his family and burn down our house (he'd already made attempts to do both). Both the psychiatric hospital and CPS received my child's social security disability payments while CPS took me to court for abuse/neglect because I said my child was mentally ill while CPS claimed he was healthy without mental illness. By the time I got my child back he was beyond mental repair and now he's no longer able to come home as his mental condition progressed at the hands of CPS.

    How does this relate to Michele Bachmann or to our Government? Our own Government is the reason that CPS has the power to destroy families. Our own Government has allowed CPS to do this terrible thing to families and has funded them with up to 7 trillion dollars per year to do so.

    Michele Bachmann comes under fire as a foster parent, but I'd rather have a foster parent as President than someone with multiple social security numbers and aliases, who provides stimulus packages that one has to qualify for if they make enough money, and a supposed increase in jobs when it's the minimum wage jobs that people are flocking towards, such as McDonalds! And that Obama "Health" care bill that costs another $500 billion before it's even up and running will DICTATE what care doctors are allowed to give to patients with free care for illegals. This supposed health plan allows EVEN MORE POWER FOR CPS than they have now. And this supposed "health" plan is very unhealthy for all of us as numerous employers don't want to pay the higher health insurance costs and therefore want part time and per diem workers over full time, unless of course, you want to work at McDonalds full time instead of at what once was your middle class career.

    I would rather have someone who was a foster parent be President than someone who has put America in the hole and keeps trampling on all that America stands for. A foster parent in the White House may actually make changes regarding kids being placed into foster care, as it's becoming very obvious that there are kids in foster care who are murdering the foster parents.

    The CPS numbers regarding services, reunification, etc look much better in Minnesota than in several other states. Many people have spoken out against CPS and I'm sure Michele Bachmann is aware. I really believe that there's a higher chance of her doing something to stop the government from helping to power up CPS than Obama or Romney or anyone else.

  2. Bachmann is using her time as a foster parent to put herself on a higher pedestal.

    Parents loose their kids because of their inability to provide health care, she offers no better solutions.

    I am not at all supportive of the extreme right or the extreme left. I would pick on either.


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