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Friday, May 27, 2011

'Vindication' for social worker who became most hated woman in the country

'Vindication' for social worker who became most hated woman in the country

The death of the 17-month-old sparked a nationwide outcry and brought an abrupt end to her 35-year career.

Ms Shoesmith, 58, was sacked from her £130,000-a-year post at Haringey Council in 2008 over shortcomings laid bare by the case. But the former head of Children's Services has always refused to admit to making any personal mistakes and once even said the public response to the case was "absurd".

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  1. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Sharon Shoesmith should have been charged with criminal offences for her incompetence. Baby Peter had 60 visits from social workers who didn't detect any abuse.

    Sharon Shoesmith made comments that she was "suicidal and depressed" over her sacking, but she didn't even mention Baby Peter, it was all about her and how this affected her, made me sick reading her testimony.

    The Doctor who failed to spot the multiple life-threatening injuries on the day before little Peter died, Dr Al Zayat, was also struck off by the Medical Council and even failed to show up for her appeal because she too was "suicidal and depressed", but don't worry about her, she promptly moved to Ireland and now practices as a Pediatrician.

    You might want to run to your calendar at this point and see the name of the Pediatrician your child has an appointment with next month. David Southall, Roy Meadows and numerous other incompetent "Child Salvationists" always get reinstated after a few years when the furore dies down, nobody is ever accountable for too long, they will always go back to their old ways.

    No Ms Shoesmith, this is not vindication, this is getting away with murder as many of your collegues have done before. Baby Peter is turning in his grave.
    Joe Burns.


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