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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is this a contradiction?

Here we have an article from Ohio. In this article the child protective industry cries about a shortage of foster homes, and how they have to pay out the ass for these system sucks to take care of the kids in private agency run foster homes.
Counties look to options amid lack of foster families

An inability to attract foster families has forced county children services agencies here and around the state to pay millions of dollars to private, nonprofit foster care companies, costing governments and ultimately taxpayers more money to care for children in need.
On the same date the following article was published, where the child protective industry was bragging about how they were doing so wonderful at keeping the kids in their homes.
Ohio seeing steady drop in number of kids in foster care

Ohio has seen a steady drop in the number of children placed into foster care, a change child advocates say has helped to reduce the trauma kids feel when they are taken away from their homes.

A new report from the Public Children Services Association of Ohio shows a 42 percent reduction in the number of kids in foster and group homes from 2001 to 2009. They say that’s better than other top performing states.
Now, although I have never claimed to be an expert on anything to do with the child protective industry or the foster care system, I do know that taking fewer kids should lower the demand for foster homes. In other words with less kids in the system, they don't need so many homes.

You'd think that the demand for foster kids would increase. But no.

Perhaps there is a shortage of homes because they suck to work for, along with the fact that they added in all these requirements after the media circus coverage of the death of Marcus Fiesel, not only raising the standards for the quality of homes, but making potential foster parents think twice about getting into the game out of a fear of skeletons in the closet.

Now they have fewer kids, and even fewer licensed foster homes to warehouse them in.

How they manage that?

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