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Saturday, May 28, 2011

An LK Exclusive: Another of these kooky foster/adopt bloggers is going to adopt stolen kids from foster care!!!

I'm really sorry for posting this. I just wanted you all to know how happy your loss makes these people sometimes. I want you to know that so that when you look them in the eye, you can make a much better eduLKated guess at what you're dealing with.

The arrogance and the stupidity of some of the people that they give your children to never ceases to amaze me.

The lack of empathy for the real parents who will never see these kids again makes me want to puke. The sense of entitlement is disturbing. The fact that they absolutely love and worship the people who destroy your families... Ugh!!!
I am Going to be a Mom

Just read that. (if the link doesn't work, hit the refresh button or copy and paste this link. )

So we got the news last night that we were going to be parents of a three year old son and a 14 month old son. I can hardly believe it I was going to be a Mom!!! The excitement of seeing their pictures the next day made it impossible to sleep. When the email came from our case worker they sent it to my husband's work. When he got the pictures he was so excited he could barely speak.
I'm sure the real mother was lost for words when she found out her rights were terminated to her kid too. Of course the background of these kids isn't considered here.
He sent me the email and I opened it up to see my sons, they had big brown eyes and looked so adorable I can hardly wait to meet them. With children who are no longer infants the state of Texas has meetings set up so you can get to know the kids and they can get to know you before you take them home. Ideally these meetings are to happen over the next few weeks, when at the end of the day the kids go back to their foster home until everyone is comfortable.
Is it just me or is falling in love with kids you've never even met a little strange? Even stranger is calling them her sons when she's never even met them. What if they're not perfect? What if the older one has developed RAD or ADHD or FAS or what if they're crack babies, or something that this whack job isn't going to be able to handle? What if this turns out to be a nightmare instead of a dream come true? What if she scares the kids like she scares me? What if they simply don't like her?
With our placement meeting the CPS case worker did not really agree with the child advocate that the brothers should be adopted together. The case worker thought it would be better to give us one brother and the other lady the other brother. When a child has a child advocate there is another voice that the case worker has to listen to. The child advocate is a volunteer who's one and only responsibility is to what is best for the child. Luckily for us our children had the best Child Advocate she knew what would be best for them was to stay together. She is what we call our kids Guardian Angel she fought so hard to keep them together that she may have upset the CPS worker.
And this (above) paragraph shows just how clueless this twit actually is. In reality these child advocates, usually CASA puppets are, more often than not, total stooges for the agencies. They all work together. She is probably being lied to about the children's pasts, she's probably not being informed of potential health issues, lies told by the workers or any number of potential problems. Nope they're taking full advantage of her hopes, dreams and stupidity.

I do like the fact that she took a shot at the worker though. Honestly, what kind of a sadistic moron would think that siblings should not be kept together? Besides a social worker who enjoys destroying families, of course. Sadly, Tammy from Texas here may be getting the kids. So I bet she'll get over it real quick.

Also, as you will see in the next paragraph, this person doesn't even have a clue that they're playing games with her.
The reason I say that the CPS worker was upset is because we found out Wednesday night that we would be parents to finding out we had no get to know you weekends. The CPS worker wanted us to come down on Saturday and meet the boys at one of their foster homes. The plan is that on Saturday night we will bring the baby back to our hotel with us and the older one would go back to the foster home he had been with for the last year. On Sunday we would bring the baby back to his foster home and then on Monday we would all meet at the CPS office and we would get to bring our sons home.
Wait a minute, I thought the worker was upset because they were going to keep the kids together. Make up your mind woman!!!
There would be no get to know you days other than on Saturday. So in two days we had to get the room finished, most was done but we did have to get them beds and clothes, car seats and all this in 2 days.
And now she's under all this pressure.

Now after reading this post from this very new adoption blogger, I had originally made the assumption that this person is infertile. This means that God, for whatever reason has seen fit to not bless this woman with a child. The child protective industry disagrees with Gods decisions by giving the power to play God with the lives of children and families to the social worker and CASA puppet who has in turn seen fit to give the stolen children to an obviously clueless woman who so desperately wants your child of her own. Also, I could be wrong but I do believe that I have discovered a link between a woman's inability to breed and other mental disorders, as outlined in a previous post.

Advanced System-Suckology: Do Woman Go Crazy If They Can't Breed?

So as you can see, all the signs of the infertile personality type are certainly there, for example she is so desperate to adopt that she falls right in love with kids she hasn't even met yet. She assumes that she is a perfect match for the kids who might even be totally creeped out by her.

Then I read a couple more of her posts, and as you can see from this one, "Adoption Loss" that perhaps my original assumption was incorrect and yet even more possibilities arises. And I know that I'm really pushing the bonds of political correctness here, but why would a fertile woman choose not to have a child of her own flesh and blood and instead adopt? Is it because she doesn't want to get stretch marks? Is she afraid of gaining a little weight? Or perhaps she was sheltered as a child and doesn't know how to make one. Perhaps she's too religious to defile her body with the male anatomy. I don't know. I honestly don't care about this couples sexual dysfunctions. Just that she feels justified in calling some other parents children her own when she doesn't even know or even care where these kids who she hasn't met came from. She is happy because of another parents loss without knowing a thing about the situation of the real family.

It just isn't normal. Yet these are the kinds of people who they give your children to. I just don't get it. Well actually that isn't entirely true either. I have a theory on that too.

These kids could very well have been stolen to boost adoption numbers in a last ditch effort to win the adoption bonus race, and she did mention that she was from Texas, and Texas did win the adoption bonus race last year beating out Florida by $1.8 million, and since they're technically still in the cute little baby stage, it's all that much easier to get the job done. And of course, they'll be looking to adopt out even more kids out thanks to the latest Children's Rights lawsuit which was recently approved by a judge which claims that children in Texas are still lingering in foster care for years at a time. So the state is obviously desperate and willing to give kids to anybody who will take them, no matter how dumb some of these people are.


  1. I just want you to know that your statements are probably the most ignorant thing I have read in my life.

  2. There is absolutely nothing ignorant about anonymous's statements. What is ignorant is the bitch adoptive mother that could care a less where her adoptive children came from. Even more ignorant are those people that believe that CPS is actually helping families and protecting abused children rather than profiteering off of poor and uneducated families. You are aware that CPS workers DO make BONUSES off of adoptions. Why reunify families and help them with services such as welfare when you can just adopt their kids out and make a buck instead right? It is people like YOU cindy that are ignorant.


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