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Monday, June 21, 2010

There is a bleeding heart social worker on twitter who is going to report someone to CPS

Tomorrow I have to report a patient to Child Protective Services (CPS) after she delivers her baby...


  1. Anonymous10:09 PM

    If the SW has to think about it --then maybe she can think about NOT removing the child and doing some real work to help the mother.

  2. Anonymous4:09 AM

    Actually the social worker is working with the mother and unless she sees the child being abused is until every obligation not to make any report. Making this report is a clear violation of her clients HIPA rights (not to have her medical problems revealed). I think if someone wants to, they can find out her license, and get it revoked. If she make a report she can't even tell the workers that her client uses drugs or alcohol. So what is she reporting: that some baby MAYBE in danger but she can't tell them why or whose? (even reporting her name is a violation) Now if she worked for the baby, it would be different, but of course she doesn't.


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