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Friday, June 25, 2010

Spoken like a true System Suck

So I've been picking on a blog over the last couple of days where a foster parent describes a child welfare fraud scheme, but is not smart enough to understand how she was suckered into the scam.



Today I would like to point out a couple of things. First, just how viciously some of these system sucks will justify their existence by using the excuse of the most severe cases of abuse or neglect. And how these people will come at you with only the most severe cases and disregard and even flat out deny the fact that they take children for frivolous or reasons false accusations.

The following is a comment left on this post from the Foster Care Space Warp blog and taste the hate and discontent for parents who are as imperfect as her, dripping off of her forked tongue.
Can I be angry? Can I have an opinion about a woman who lived with a sex offender but was shocked when he molested her daughters? Can I be angry with the mom that sells her food stamps to party? Can I be angry with the mom that won't give her children to family because they're HERS and then beats them in between bouts of ignoring them? Can I be angry with the woman who lets her boyfriend beat and abuse them so she won't be alone? Can I be angry with the parents who manage to get to the bar and to friends and to drug dealers but can't manage to get to the office for a visit? Can I be angry at the mom who was molested by her dad and then lets him have the kids at night? Can I be angry the people who choose to be parents then choose to be crappy human beings? Yes, I foster children. I do the best I can to clean up the mess that their parents left behind. And I am so damn pissed that they can't get it together and care more about their children than I do, more than the state does, more than society does. It doesn't matter how many services or how much time or how much money is spent, some people should just not allowed to be parents.

Seriously people, tell me, what kind of services should we give the mom who dumped boiling water and macaroni over her 2 year olds head because he was impatient. He spent 4 months in the burn unit...

How about the mom that fed her 11 year old daughter wine coolers and pot so that she was willing to be used as rent money...

The mom that had 7 daughters for her hubby so he could train them to be proper wives. He even had them trained to wipe his a$$. What kind of counseling for them?
How about the mom that was so high she didn't know she was in labor til she woke up with a cerebral palsey baby? AND it wasn't her first. Her first baby had to have corrective surgery to correct his flat head from living in his crib 24/7 with a diet of mainly pepsi bottles. Even his adult teeth came in rotten.

What kind of counseling should we give the young mom that burned her 2 month old on her vagina with cigarettes to pay her back for getting more attention then her?

Damn right I'm angry. I had every one of those kids. You look them in the eye and tell them that they need to go back home.
This comment was left by, who created a blog called my not so empty nest days, which really isn't worth the server space that it's written on, so don't bother. And can you taste the hate and discontent for parents who are as imperfect as her, dripping off of her forked tongue?

First of all, let me state my position. There are children out there in need of protection from abuse and neglect. And for them, the system is overburdened and strife with fraud, not because there are so many abused and neglected children out there, but becasue so many are taken for frivolous reasons and because so many other family members such as grandparents are not given a fair shot at taking care of the kids. So what they do then is lower their standards for foster parents to include child loving drama queens like this here, who would probably believe every single word that came out of the mouth of a child protective worker and regurgitate that on her blog and in comments.

I'm not saying that, or Susan from Foster Care Space Warp are bad people. I would rather point out to you is that there is something seriously out of whack with these people. I've said it a hundred times, the desire to make your home a revolving door for other peoples children IS NOT NORMAL, and for that we should feel sorry for these people.

Mental disorders can manifest themselves in positive ways just as well as negative. A phenomenon that is caused by a universe that maintains balance. The problem is that people like this don't make the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders because they haven't quite figured out how to properly medicate excessively positive manifesting self-righteous morality disorders.

Now, if there is one thing that fascinates me about these foster parent bloggers is that they're all the same. IOW, they all seem to share a few common traits. For example;
  • Gullibility in the form of believing everything the workers tell them.
  • Their shit don't stink.
  • Preachers of highly opinionated and regurgitated bullshit, usually based on what they were misled to believe in foster parent training and the lies they fell for from the workers.
  • They blame the parents for everything, thereby creating the perception that the system in it's current state has nothing to do with the kids coming out of it all screwed up.
  • And they all feel morally justified in constantly discussing the worst of the worst, thus demonizing every parent who has ever been involved with the system in the court of public opinion.
just to name a few.

You see people. The news articles tell a story, often based on actual events, with a little sensationalism thrown in. But the blogs tell us what the people directly involved in the mess are thinking at any given time.

So read them.

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