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Friday, June 25, 2010

THE family and childrens rights movement washington dc

The Family Rights Movement has been around for years.

Families have taken a new turn in the United States and are now saying enough.

When a family finds their lives devastated by entities privately contracted through our government all to often they have no where to turn.

2010 proves to be a very interesting year for families here in the United States as they reach out to other families afflicted.

In the course of families being destroyed by these entities they are now joining together to tell political elected officials they want change.

Families will lobby and speak out on Capitol Hill July 23 - 25.

The goal is and should be to show how many in mass numbers are affected by the families these private entities that no longer work for you, us, and our families.

The hope of gathering is that our elected officials will take notice and start to work for We The People as it should be.

We want them to take notice that change is needed and strive towards reforming or eliminating those entities that harm family values, family, morals, and family unity.

We the ones working for this change ask you those affected to take a step forward with us and use your voices.

Show your numbers this year on Capitol Hill with the voice God gave you for preserving your Right to be a Parent.

Once we unite from all across America in a mass quantity that is drastically needed the government will have no other recourse than to acknowledge and change
where entities have done wrong.

Thank you for your time.

All Who Have Worked To Bring We The People Family Preservation Fest to D.C

From Jane Boyer

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