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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Child rapists to get chemical castration

Child rapists to get chemical castration

From July next year, sex offenders against children will be treated with drugs to suppress their sexual impulses.

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  1. Anonymous3:32 AM

    It's a very brave person who would comment on the subject of Child Rape...or stupid but you decide which category I fit into.

    Chemical castration is simply not going to work, here's why;

    38% of rapists are female, how do you plan to castrate women?

    About 60% of abusers are children, should we castrate children?. There is a case of a 5 year old boy in kindergarten in California who prosecutors want his name on the Sexual Offenders list. A 15 year old girl who made indecent pictures of herself on her phone and was charged with being in possession of child pornography. Millions of parents have cute pictures of their children at "bath time", should they be charged with possession of child porn?.

    When you raise the subject of Pedophiles, don't expect people to engage in rational debate. There is a lot of misinformation out there, for example;

    People think the profile of a pedophile is a "dirty old man" usually unkempt and over 50, usually singe. Fact is that 87% of pedophiles are under the age of 29 years.

    People equate child porn with pedophilia but only about 30% of people charged with being in possession are actually diagnosed as pedophiles. School books that were published 10 years ago have been pulled from the shelves and burned by libraries.

    We now look at the World through the eyes of a pedophile and wonder what a pedophile might think of "that photograph" and people are now talking about the "sexualization of children". I say that anyone who thinks that a child can be "sexualized" should be locked up, children are not capable of sexuality and anyone who thinks otherwise should be locked up.

    We are fed misinformation by the media who want to sell newpapers or advertising. We now have a new beast to whip and a focus for our anger, the only problem is that it is hurting children. Innocent people are now being investigated for child porn at an alarming rate and many are convicted and lives ruined. Many fathers were falsly accused in Operation Ore in the UK and many committed suicide, what about their children?

    Many were convicted on the basis that their credit card was used on a a child porn website in the USA. One man convicted didn't even own a computer and his card was used in Malaysia despite the fact that he doesn't have a passport and has never left the island.

    Families have been torn apart and the lives of people destroyed on the basis of mere suspicion. Google the case of Bill Thompson who is registered as an "expert" with the "Home Office", he is a criminology professor who had his home and office raided by police, was suspended from his job but never charged. He advises judges on sentencing and politicians on law and government policy. The Cop got a promotion.

    The whole Child Porn hysteria was largely invented by 2 people who whipped the media into a frenzy and both outstroked each other by exaggerating the whole problem. The truth is that there are not child sexual predators on every corner waiting to abduct your child, this is extremely rare and most cases of abduction are by family members. It's increasing more difficult to commit any crime today and people are more likely to get caught.

    Until we understand the problem we are not going to fix it.


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