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Friday, June 25, 2010

Child welfare: 'A systemic issue appears to be emerging'

Child welfare: 'A systemic issue appears to be emerging'

A new report shows the Department of Human Services investigated reports of child abuse or neglect in the home of two Lane County parents who have since been charged with abusing their 9-year-old adopted son, prompting an investigation into Lane County's child welfare program.

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  1. Anonymous12:02 AM

    This is the same Oregon County that took the Canadian boy and held him for two years because he didn't wear a bicycle helmet once. I think the pattern is this: Too much effort spent taking children who shouldn't have been taken at all while ignoring the most troubling cases involving their own placements. It's obvious Oregon CPS doesn't know what child abuse is and therefore fails to protect children from it. State laws need to spell it out: the child is so badly hurt he needs medical attention for his injuries and they were either obviously intentionally caused or required more than out-patient care or the injuries occurred repeatedly without medical explanation. (this is a much tighter restriction than the law has).


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