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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Special Message from the Michigan Child Liquidation team.

Here is an article that I just came across from the great broke state of Michigan. A state which has stolen so many children, that they don't have the resources to house them all. So what do they do? Liquidate the assets. What a solution.

Michigan Heart Gallery Features Faces of Foster Kids

Lets take a look at this article point by point.
Hundreds of Michigan children have a simple wish. All they want is a family that they can call their own.
Translation to reality: They want their real families. Dreams of forever homes being pumped into their heads.
Friday marked the grand opening of the Michigan Heart Gallery. It offers a chance to be introduced to some of Michigan's children who are waiting and hoping for a home.

Translation to reality: The Heart Gallery is the Showroom Floor of the Adoption Industry. Picture displays of children stuck in the system. Don't let em fool ya. It's all about the incoming cash and the ability to present what is often misinterpreted as a positive outcome.

Smiling, laughing, serious, siblings, daughters, sons -- what these children all have in common is the need for a forever family.

Translation to reality: What these children all have in common is that they were screwed out of their family ties by the all wise and knowing babystealers of Michigan's Child Protective Industry.

"To have a family is one of the most important things," said Heidi Raubenolt with Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange. "Kids need support in their lives."

Translation to reality: "Although having ties to their family is important, we over at the Child Protective Industry thought it best to screw these kids out of their real families and fail them even further by bouncing them around through the foster care system and screwing them up so bad that nobody wants them anymore. Now we're making one last desperate attempt to present our work as a positive effort in these kids lives."

The Michigan Heart Gallery pairs professional photographers with waiting kids.
Translation to reality: So we're gonna pretty the kids up for the day and take their pictures.

More than 4,000 Michigan children are in the foster system. 500 are waiting to be adopted. Many of them are ten and older and harder to place. They may have siblings or special needs, but they have so much to give.

Translation to reality: Then we gonna throw in the fluffed numbers, and present all the challenges that the sucker parents are gonna face, and top it off with the heartwarming love giving bullshit that you're gonna get from a RAD child every time!

"A lot of love, a great sense of humor, energy. They're amazing kids. They really are," Raubenolt said.

Translation to reality: We fucked them up pretty bad, but they're all better now and ready to move into your home as soon as we can preform our process on you.

Each year, 500 children age out of Michigan's foster care system when they turn 18. On their own with little support, some end up homeless or in jail. That is just one of the reasons it is so important to get them out of the system and into loving homes.

Translation to reality: The Guilt Trip Tactic employed. And you can make all the difference in the world.

"There is a new generation coming that... aren't paid attention to that will become problematic. So, why not pay attention to our future now and not have to pay a price for it later on," said Edd Snyder with the Charles H. Wright Museum.

Translation to reality: Guilt Trip Tactic Shot 2 employed.

The Heart Gallery will travel the state showcasing some of the many Michigan children who may just be waiting to join your family. The exhibit will be at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History until May first.

Translation to reality: So we're gonna put them on display and hope to liquidate. Coming to a town near you.

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