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Friday, April 30, 2010

Troubled Adoptions: Why? What to do?

Troubled Adoptions: Why? What to do?

In recent weeks there has been a fair amount of attention given to troubled adoptions. This has, in turn, been unsettling to individuals with infertility who ultimately are considering adoption as an option for future parenthood. The media's attention to the mid-April return to Russia of 7 year old Artem Saveliev by his Tennessee adoptive mother has ballooned beyond this one situation to a host of articles and TV coverage on "adoptions gone sour." The formal term for the ending of a legal adoption is "disruption," but the stories behind these unanticipated family sorrows are causing many readers to think more carefully about the possible risks associated with adoption. So why might an adoption become problematic? And when it does, what resources do adoptive parents have?

Note: It's a new child marketing angle. Step right up! Get a kid! Satisfaction guaranteed. If it don't work out, return them.

Of course, that would be a much more complicated process for real parents.

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  1. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Of course in TN she could have turned to the state social services system. However, just last October they involved themselves in a kidnapping by furthering the kidnappint by not only taking the kidnapped child but all the others too. And worst of all they didn't have any evidence and had to give them all back and cancel the hearing. How could the adoptive mother trust the state (TN)?


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