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Friday, April 30, 2010

Foster Care: Do You Have a Little Love to Share?

As National Child Abuse Propaganda month comes to an end, National Foster Contractor Glorification Month begins.

This is the one month of the year, where the Child Protective Industry honors it's warehousing division and focuses on recruitment and child liquidation campaigns by promoting the wrong message of "Love" and "Happily Ever After" to desperate infertile's, child loving loony tune's and parent bashing, self-righteous hypocrites of all shapes and sizes.

And we here at Legally Kidnapped will join right in on the fun and festivities and continue exposing the child protective industry for what it really is.

Thanks to our System Suck friends over at Families Supporting Adoption who have generously provided us with a great list of System Sucks to mess with in a post entitled, Foster Care: Do You Have a Little Love to Share?

And you can make a little money too!

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