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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LA judge says parents of disabled woman can seek ruling for her to visit her children

LA judge says parents of disabled woman can seek ruling for her to visit her children

A mother who is unable to move or speak — and possibly to understand — is the focus of an unusual, emotional court case to decide if she has visitation rights with her 3-year-old triplets.

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  1. As I see it, if the children grow up around their mother, they will know nothing but what is and as they mature, questions & answers will simply be accepted as the situation is all they have ever known. Children are very forthright and accepting! However, if the children are introduced to their mother later in life, then certainly it may be expected that the vision will be over-whelming as their older selves struggle to accept the impact of association with their birth resulting in their mother's disability. I think it would be much more traumatic to hide their mother from them; that will only lead the children to believe that they are somehow culpable and fuel guilt where none should exist. I've discussed this with my eldest son to gain a youth's perspective and he agrees; it would be more difficult to adapt to the situation as an older individual. For the children to be kept apart from their mother is parental alienation. There are so many considerations: What if mom dies without her or the children ever seeing one another? The anger that will build amongst the children who have been distanced from their mother will be huge. So many lives are affected by unduly punishing a mother without any grounds. Imagine, going through birth, your entire life changes in a moment and you awaken to an unending nightmare where your children are kept from you through no fault of your own!! Most of all: Who says Mom CANNOT think for herself..? Mom is demonstrating that she, indeed, wants to see her children by communicating the only outward way she is able to; with blinking. Ugh, infuriating!! This situation of alienation is unethical and so immorally incorrect... It should be a given that mom and children connect. - VM


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