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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dead boy's neighbor: 'I called CPS ... Nothing happened.'

Dead boy's neighbor: 'I called CPS ... Nothing happened.'

Sheriff's deputies are still investigating the suspicious death of a 4-year-old Bakersfield boy.
Meanwhile, several people who say they knew the little boy had been worried about his safety and even went as far as calling Child Protective Services.

Note: Now here's one of my favorite tricks that the media and the Child Protective Industry is able to spin-doctor and utilize to their advantage. The good old, "I called CPS and they didn't do anything" trick. This reduces to, "CPS didn't do enough to protect that one child." Which in many cases is impossible for them to do, but the sheep expects otherwise and cry out against the agencies, which in the end becomes financially beneficial to the agencies and to the System Sucks.

Workers typically have their own response to such a claim against them. The old faithful, "We're damned if we do and damned if we don't," argument. A few have even uttered these very words in the comments section of Legally Kidnapped. And still my answer is the same...

These idiots can't get it right either way.

You know, it's not our fault that workers are incompetent, it's not our fault that truly abusive parents are able to fool them into believing that nothing is wrong, when in fact there is, and it's certainly not my fault that these reporters can't seem to say the right things on their phone call to the hotline so that they get screened out. And perhaps with the proper eduLKtion, someday the world will come to realize that not every child will be saved. The truth is not always easy to accept. But it is the truth. So you do what you can, right?

CPS will eventually respond to the public outcry by saying that they don't have enough resources and the great broke state of California or the county, whatever will be forced to pump in more money.

Thus they will be able to take more kids into foster care.

Happy Child Abuse Propaganda Month.


  1. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Actually the department was too busy chasing down a report of a girl who gave her siblings when they asked for them and checking out her story of being sexually abused 10 years ago in foster care. I certain they were doing what I just described, but I can't be certain that it caused them to fail but I'm certain they were too busy doing something like that instead.

  2. This is the norm for CPS, let me guess it was a married couple that had a stable income. My ex-husband is very abusive mentally, physically, and mediacally. But him and his wife have an income of over 95,000 a year vs. me, being a single mother with an income of only 25,000 a year. For years he has left bruises, welts, and has even cut him open while whipping him in his underwear. The child is 14, I think his dad is getting excited by whipping him in his underwear. But CPS, the famous caseworker says "Oh, it is simple disipline."
    He has choked one of his step children, shoved another one into a wall, thrown whatever he could grab out of the garage at our son and his step son like a rake, shovel, and gardening tools. He refuses to give our son his medication that he does need for school. Our son over these past few years has grown more and more angry at the world. Our son has treatened to kill himself and his father. He has also ran away from there numberous times.
    Now we are in the middle of a trial for domestic violence. Because he punched our son in the face, and CPS is sticking up for the father once again. When I told the prosecuting attorney about this going on for years, he looked at me and said "then why have you not reported it?" I told him that I have reported them, the local police and sheriff should have pictures of the bruises, welts, and cut marks over the years (unless they disappeared too). Well it seems that the pictures of my sons face where he was punched have been misplaced...imagine that....well luckily I took my own pictures of the marks. I bet CPS and my ex-husband is angry that we took our own pics and had to turn them over to the prosecutor.
    Same with Foster care...CPS looks the other way when a child is abused in foster care. Is CPS to afriad to go after the real abusers?


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