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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Woman Works To Make Life Better For Foster Children

Woman Works To Make Life Better For Foster Children

Some mid-state foster children will no longer enter the system with trash bags full of belongings thanks to Operation Suitcase...

Note: Ok people! This is what we call bullshit, ie. CPS Propaganda and misinformation.

Although there are kind hearted people out there who choose to try to make a difference for children going into foster care and their work should be commended, to flat out state it this way, as is done in this particular article, is twisting the truth just a wee bit, wouldn't you think? This article is a diversionary tactic used by the Child Protective Industry to take the focus off the children caught up in the system by glorifying those who are doing small things to make a difference, giving off the misleading appearance that the system works in the best interest of the children.

This article is designed to divert your attention to trivialities while they continue to operate behind the scenes. A way to raise awareness by mentioning the children, yet pulling the wool over your eyes because you now know that there are people out there working to make it all better.

Now, to be honest, I do applaud this person's efforts to make a difference. In fact, more people should follow her example. Little things do add up. My issue is entirely with the presentation of this article. It's like some reporter had nothing better to do and get some attention diverting PR for the system. Nevermind the kids who were wrongfully removed. Forget about those who were torn away from everything they know. Don't worry about the kids who are bounced from home to home. Don't even bother yourself about the bullshit reasons that half of these kids were thrown into the system in the first place, this makes it all better.

During Curry's quest to become a foster parent, she learned the very things most of us never take the time to notice - could mean the world to thousands of children who enter the foster system.

I'll just bet that some worker shows up at the home and says, "Hey Munchkin! I got a present for ya!" just before being thrown into foster care too, right?

Come on people, open your eyes. Most people out their don't have a clue. They see an article like this and are suddenly "informed." They don't question it. Others are worrying about it all so that they don't have to.

It's all in the presentation folks. Reality is half created by the media these days.

Now there is this social worker whose blog I've been following. She recently put on her blog an exercise that she went through in a training. It takes place over multiple posts. Lasted a couple of days. When she wrote her personal experience she said something that hit me...

And oh my gosh - number 9. I have been in this situation before. I have had children call me for months on end - long after I ceased to be their social worker anymore - asking me if I'd found their stuffed animal, the one they'd had since they were a baby.
That right there would make me quit my job.

Now, follow through the whole training. You'll see my point. I'm linking to this only because I think that SocialWrkr24/7 does a much better job of demonstrating what these kids go through.

The activity.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Activity My Thoughts

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