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Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Group Announcement

Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse in child welfare is too large and too perverse for a small collective of federal entities to address. In order to preserve the integrity of a government, it is the duty of the people to stand up and be the eyes and ears of our nation's system of checks and balances.

Within discussions, we shall try to address different strategies to approach fraud, waste and abuse in child welfare funding from different economic, political and legal approaches.

Some of the areas of theoretical discussion shall be whistleblower laws, extraordinary writs and various civil actions for dealing with an original source of information.

It should be made known that this is not a support group, nor is it a group for the weak of heart. All discussions will be proper in conduct, with finding of fact and proper citation.

As we enter this emerging field, we must understand that fraud, waste and abuse in child welfare is well documented in the hundreds of billions of dollars and it shall be our responsibility to aggressively address these issues, educating ourselves in advocating for an original source.

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Click to join anoriginalsource

Beverly Tran

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