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Monday, October 26, 2009

Kay Henson (spanking mom)

Kay Henson (spanking mom) back in WI jail. Freep the heck out of Wisconsin!

This is an emergency notification regarding yet another arrest and incarceration of Kay Henson by her probation officer in the Walworth County jail. Kay is on probation because she spanked her ten year old son with her hand and was charged with felony child abuse. Upon the advice of counsel, she pled guilty to simple battery and was placed on probation (yes, she regrets it). PO Eileen has repeatedly violated Kay's probation for specious reasons unrelated to the terms of her probation for the retaliatory purposes of throwing Kay in jail. Kay is nursing her infant daughter, and each time she is incarated, county jail officials refuse to provide her with a breast pump to prevent breast engorgement, mastitis and infection.

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