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Monday, October 26, 2009

David Acton researches Child Protective Services reform in short-subject documentary

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  1. Fed Up!12:44 AM

    My children were removed from my home for no reason. I served seven years in the military and honorable discharge, my ex husband is an informant for the system. He has never paid me a dime of child support at the time that the kids were taken someone had been calling in on me for six years. I asked the social worker to submit this harrassment to the State's Attorney because this is criminal and I'm tired of the games. I asked how is it that children that are abused aren't taken like my ex who's mother was on crack cocaine and one of the six children she had finished grammer school. I never had an advocate, legal representation, nor true authentic beauracratic knocking at the door. I have not seen nor talked to my kids in two and a half years. No one could provide any evidence of abuse. What's crazy is that the judge, state's attorney and social workers were part of the whole ordeal. I've paid taxes my entire life. No social services and I made more money per year than the brainless folks orchestrating this choas. I hired an attorney and they started sending him treats and he no longer wanted to handle the case. I filed a federal lawsuit on three states because they all were involved. It's sad that they use money to follow and harrass me but not help the men and women who put their lives on the line. Corruption on a massive scale was why my kids were taken not abuse or neglect. Something's wrong with the whole picture. I've filed appeals and everything have done extensive research and found out that this is a business. Everyone is capitalizing off targeting your family. What a sad message for the people around the world that watch or behavior, this here has made me submit a passport to leave this country. I NO LONGER WANT TO BE CONSIDERED A AMERICAN.


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