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Monday, October 19, 2009


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Next Monday, the 26th, three families, with 10 children at stake, have "Permanency Planning Hearings." This is where DHS will try to close their cases with "termination of parental rights" and either adoption for the younger ones, or permanent living in foster "care" (neglect) for the older children. They will ask for this based on only one issue: the parents refusing to leave the church property and get outside jobs, and therefore not complying with the court order. The families are Seago, Krantz, and Thorne.

On Tuesday two more families are scheduled for the same hearing. The lives of eight children are at stake. The families are Parrish and Myers.There will be more hearings in November and December. Also any children of these families who are not in the foster system will fall under the same judgments as their siblings, as in the case of the Myers and Thorne children.

Appeals have been filed on all of these cases, but have not yet been decided. Meanwhile, this is taking place before the appeals ever have a fair chance to be heard.

Please pray fervently with us for God's intervention. Thank you.

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Cheryl Barnes of CPS Watch Legal Team said
I don't think it should be kept quiet. So pass it on. By the way, the Parrish's 3 1/2 month old son's pick up order will also be decided on Tuesday. This is all before Griffin. More terrible things are happening with the kids. Lilly got the full 3 vaccinations of Guardisil in spite of their exemption on file.

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