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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Submitted by Anonymous

My child was "legally kidnapped" by Children and Youth Services of Crawford County, Meadville, Pa.

It is such a long ordeal. Starting when she was 3 and court ordered visits with bio/father. I kept journal of her behaviors that were concerning and of things she said. She has told of abuse, all kinds since 3, but wouldnt repeat it to the official people needing to hear it from her. And when she has told the "right" people, they interview the bio/father and let it go. Things such as "inappropriate discipline" for a 3 year old. and most recently, at 7 years old, July 08, she has told all the right people of a pool incident occuring in care of bio/father at bio/father's parents house, that daughter has said"Daddy John hurt me, i am afraid of him, he will be mad I told.

"Daddy john wouldnt stop dunking me and couldnt hop on one foot forever"
This was dismissed after interviewing bio/father as a "normal" splashing event. 3 weeks later my daughter has such disturbing behaviors that we child line it. Forensic exam shows sexual abuse. But since my daughter didnt come right out and say" i was sexually abused" they wont take the pool incident as the place it must of occurred.

Instead-- they took my daughter on June 19, 2009 and put her in foster home, without contact from her family and now that she has been secluded- Children and YOuth SErvices' psychologist has taught her a vocabulary (one she had was quite advanced for a 7 year old) and now she has named her oldest brother as the one who sexually abused her, plus her bio/ mom now knew about it, and her stepdad, threatened her to keep quiet about it.

Her stepfather and myself-her bio/mom are in shock, we childlined it, we did everything we could to protect her, get her help for her symptoms and yet IT ALL HAS BEEN TURNED ON US, AND WE NOW HAVE A MESS--NO DAUGHTER, AND it is taking all we got to fight to get her back.

bio/father has a criminal record, arrested 1 month after the pool incident for growing drugs, and his 2nd dui. Yet they polygraph him as the investigative tool, and passed, eve though he had been growing marijauana and hadnt got caught with it at the time of polygraph. How can one pass a polygraph while knowing you are doing other illegal things?? Because my ex is a socio path and i left because he was punching the bed beside my curled up body everywhere when i was pregnant with her, and threatened to kill the baby if i didnt stay with him. Drank heavily, urinated in the kitchen sink, and tried to make me sell marijuana. I left. He then harassed my parents via phone, and threatened to take my 4 children i had to my ex-husband away too. Had to call State POlice to get him to stop harassing my parents.

What is with this system in Crawford County??

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  1. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Problem is the Crawford County "Family Court" system: Pro-pedophile (YES!) and dangerous, their mind set permeates every system in the county. CYS is a joke, as we in the system know. Please update on your situation.


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