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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Submitted by Vickie

The following was submitted via the LK Submission Form

CPS is corrupt. My son and girlfriend had a new baby, they are taking him from them. They also will not talk to us, the grandparents. Saying they can not divulge any info to us. Small one horse town in Oregon, and the sheriff is married to the cps worker on the case, he has been heard making comments about how he wants to buy a baby, the cousin of the mother is married to a cop, and the other cousin is a jailer. All 3 are standing in line for our grandbaby, The cousin married to the cop hates my son and the mother, I know they have very little chance of getting the baby returned to them, My daughter wants to take the child, but we have no means to fight them, no attorneys will help unless you have a hefty bank account, we will have to live the rest of our lives knowing we have a child out there somewhere, our everyday lives will be empty now. IT will be like having a bouquet of forget- me- nots sent to us everyday for the rest of ours lives. WE can love this baby, why do they do this to families. I will go to my grave with a broken heart, and this baby will be forever lost to us just because we have no one to help us fight these people. nobody cares, nobody helps, they just write about it, nothing changes. I am sad, depressed and feel hopeless, and I am mad. no one will fight the cop or the sheriff, they have had this planned since they new of the mother being pregnant, so now the sheriff won't have to buy a baby, he will get one for free, and get a monthly check to along with it. I hope they all rot in Hell for this.


  1. Vickie- I'm in Oregon too dealing with CPS disasters. Could you contact me please? -Jyn

  2. Vickie, I feel for you. I am a parental rights advocate and I have talked with many people who have similar problems with CPS in Oregon. In my book they're one of the top 5 most corrupt and out of control CPS agencies in America. If you want, you can contact me at and I can tell you what I have found out in regards to what does and does not work. I'll do whatever I can to help.


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