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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yet another reason to despise Wal-mart

Yet another reason to despise Wal-mart

Now let me share my thoughts on the Arizona child welfare department that removed those little children and kept them apart from their parents for a month. What a bunch of power tripping, pain in the ass, morons who should never be in a position of authority or have the right to make decisions that impact other people's lives.

Ass Monkey's.

Note: And she's a worker and a foster contractor too.


  1. I'm the author of the blog you linked. I am a former foster mother and a former social worker. I don't blindly think that CPS is doing good work or that all foster parents care about the kids. We all know differently. There are some REALLY bad social workers and there are some REALLY bad foster parents. But not all of us. Some of us really care, we really give a damn about the kids. Unfortunately, we get beaten down by the crap that the system can dish out. I have not shared my CPS horror story on my blog yet but I've seen the other side. I've been the parent who ends up with a social worker knocking on the door. I've been the victim of a corrupt, criminally negligent social worker. I was lucky that I had the knowledge and the resources to fight back when so many others do not.

  2. And that is where our power lies.

    So many parents have no clue that the miranda rights arent just for the 'bad guys' on COPS. That applies to everyone!

    We need to get parents educated and we need to come together to help change the policies CPS has. CPS is there for the protection of our children, but it's ended up being the death of families.

  3. Jyn- I went to your blog and read your story. I was appalled. That is one of THE stupidest things that I've ever heard and believe me I've heard some stupid stuff. I'm sorry that you were treated that way, I'm sorry that you were victimized and traumatized. It's been years and I still get a knot in my stomach when someone knocks on my door or rings the doorbell unexpectedly. This morning 2 Jehovah's Witnesses came to the door and knocked. I looked out the side window and saw two ladies with clipboards and briefcases. Instantly I was sent back to that morning when it all started. It makes me angry. I should feel safe in my home. I should not feel like a victim in my own damn home.

    Now I did remove 5 small kids from an unsanitary home once and when I say unsanitary I mean, UNSANITARY. Go read about it and see the difference between that and YOUR home, which is beautiful and I might add much cleaner than MINE!

    I also went as an intern to another home of a birthparent. I hated the way the social worker treated the mom. I was so disgusted and it was so uncalled for. I will remember the look on that mom's face for the rest of my life. As though she were dirt beneath that social workers feet.

    We're not all like that. Some of us do care. But the system does suck. And until the system changes, nothing else will change. I feel strongly that there is a place for CPS, somebody HAS to protect the children that really are abused and neglected. But there must be more of a checks and balances. CPS must be held accountable for their decisions. They are not God and should not be treated as such.

    Stepping off my soapbox now...


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