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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

submitted by anonymous

my daughter today has been told her unborn child will be removed from the hospital as soon as she has given birth. she has had a problem with drugs in the past and is now rehabilitating. she is on methodone program and hopes to be down to a low level by the time her baby boy is born, she has a 4 year old son who currently lives with his grandad and has done for the past 18 months she has been told to by social services that it is now to late for them to offer her support to keep the baby they have continually thwarted any attempt to keep her informed for instants if they say a coat is white they will insist they told her it was black she suffered appalling injury at the hands of her x partner who incidentally got her on heroin because he was a dealer, and regularly beat her her she got her self out of that situation with a 2 yr old, she has met a nice man now and wants to settle down with his child and the elder one but this wont be possible as social services are adamant it wont happen. what happened about giving her a second chance? she only sees her son for 2 hours a week and he absolutely adores her and even now cries to go home to mummy. she has never hurt a hair on his head and is a good little mum, she has never put her child in significant harm how can she fight the lies and deceit which determines weather shes a mum or not!! they are completely lying about her and her partner who has never used drugs what hope for them??

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  1. Anonymous9:05 AM

    So what stops your daughter from going on a trip and having the baby in some peace and quiet?

    If she stays, the baby will be sold and that's the end of that.

    Does she have many choices?

    Bill Medvecky


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