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Friday, April 17, 2009


Learning about reporting child abuse meeting set tonight at WITC in Superior

A packed room of people who want to know the best way to report child abuse is on tap tonight at WITC in Superior. Joe Cadotte reports.

Note: Classes on how to report child abuse? How stupid do you have to be to not know how to call the hotline that is pretty much on the first page of the phone book?

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  1. This will no doubt be a class which will describe child abuse. Such as, hugging a neighbors child when they fall off a bike, a teacher hugging a crying student, a parent correcting a child throwing a tantrum, a teen calling CPS when a parent grounds them, on and on. CPS is the biggest organized child abusers.
    I know there is child abuse and it must be stopped. But I do not see a molester hiding behind every tree as many do.
    How about the six year old who was arrested for sexual harrassment for kissing his favorite girl on the cheek? Yes, all kind of child abuse alarms can be taught in this class.


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