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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sex crimes, sorcery and children

Sex crimes, sorcery and children

As I sat at home one Sunday evening watching the news, my TV screen was flooded with images of lost and found children who were kidnapped by unseen forces.

Note: "unseen forces" Kind of like the Secret Family Courts, huh.


  1. Gerry,and Kate Mcann were on the Oprah Winfrey show,and they left 3 young Children alone, in a hotel room,and get publicity like there is no tomorrow.
    My heart goes out to them,and i hope Madeleine will be found safe and well.
    Parents that have Children wrongly taken into Care, by the corruption within the Family courts, get very little sympathy,and now due to the change in legal aid polices regarding barristers, they may have to represent themselves in court.
    Social Services are going to have one big Baby boom.

  2. I played lawyer myself and won. I think that's why I won. Lawyers are generally System Sucks.


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