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Monday, April 27, 2009

I need your help!

Dear beloved readers of Legally Kidnapped

I need your help.

I have been working on a side project to Legally Kidnapped, called the LK-Help Desk. This will be a state by state directory of useful resources for parents and family members who have been victimized by the Child Protective Industry. There is currently noting like this on the internet.

Each state will have it's own separate web page, and each page will hopefully include everything from links to support recourses and groups, to where and who to complain to, links to the laws and statutes and department procedures so that you can educate yourself about the laws and policies in your state. And everything else that a parent or family member of a CPS victim should know about.

So here is what I need from you.

If you know of or run a support group helping parents with their child protective troubles. If you are a member of a family rights group working to change the laws in your state. If you run an internet Newsgroup for parents or grandparents in your state, then I want you to be listed here. So please email me with the information. Include web links, contact info, even a short paragraph explaining what it is you do.

The structural aspect of the site is complete. It's already built, and currently includes 52 separate web pages. All I'm doing now is filling in the blanks, and am shooting for the first or second week of May as a release date. Also please note that this is a serious project and I have been working hard with an avid researcher who is helping me to research and track down this information. Some states will unfortunately have more and better resources than others as some states are lacking, but we'll work on that as well.

So I thank you in advance for your help in this.


PS. Perhaps I'll move on to other parts of the world once I have the US part of it completed.

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