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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A comment that was left

Here is a comment that was left on an earlier post. I decided to post it here so that nobody misses it.
Bunch of apathetic, baby snatching, false evidence producing, no good for nothing, evil scumbag, money grubbin, lowlife baby snatching, lawless s.o.b.'s-and that's the truth in schenectady d.s.s.-don't trust them. They will place false "evidence". I'm in a battle with them now. supposedly i have a trace of marijuana in my urine, yet i don't even smoke it. but they have to justify getting the call from some miscreant telling them i smoke weed. they're after all 6 of my kids but wont bother the crackheads that live upstairs from me throwing needles off the porch. then they might have to deal with the naacp. it makes me sick when i look around me at the double standard and all the street scum wandering around the hood lookin for a good time, going to the club, smokin crack, shootin up, lettin their babies wander around unsupervised. Nobody's bothering them. No, they want the white kids, so they're gonna come hard after me and i might have to take these scumbags all the way to jury trial/ supreme court to get them off my back.

Well said.

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