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Monday, October 27, 2008

Exclusive: Mom Accused of Murder Speaks Out

Exclusive: Mom Accused of Murder Speaks Out

When 4-year-old Andrew Burd arrived at a hospital in critical condition in the fall of 2006, doctors didn't have a clue as to what was wrong with him. Blood tests soon revealed that he had salt poisoning, or hypernatremia. Andrew's levels were off the charts -- almost double the norm and among the highest ever recorded.

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  1. Anonymous2:16 PM

    It WAS reasonable for the cops to suspect Hannah was responsible. But when you look at his eating disorder and the fact that the brusing was caused by the salt poisoning, not by abuse, they should have adjusted their case. Instead, they charged her with capital murder.

    And the media did there best to report only things that made Hannah look sinister. They never corrected inaccuracies like the claim there were cigerette burns on the boy (mosquito bites he scratch the tops off)

    The jury was thoroughly poisoned by this systematic misinformation!


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