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Monday, May 19, 2008

Children's Aid Society Oversight

You are losing your war on secrecy CAS. Children are not your meal ticket. The days of the "predatory professional" and this rogue and criminal agency are coming to an end. Better start altering those documents now and covering your tracks. You know who you are.


  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    In 2002, the Children`s Aid Society of Ontario was to be responsible for the worst case of criminal negligence involving a young child in canadian history.

    That was documented by "The Fifth Estate" CBC television show.

    Not only should the Children`s Aid Society have round-the-clock oversight over their actions, but a lot of their employees should be in jail right now.

  2. Anonymous8:56 AM

    We are fighting right now to get our 6 week old grandson back. Our son and his girl friend took their baby to the hospital May 18th with a sore shoulder and the childrens aid society showed up at the hospital and litterly took the baby, claiming child abuse, without any evidense what so ever. The baby has a broken collar bone. "Cash" the baby never cried, or showed signs of pain. We the grand parants had the baby the night before and the baby slept fine, and didn't cry at all. The parents have no idea what happened. Their doctor said there is no signs of child abuse and he just examined the baby 2 days before it was taken to the hospital and again at the hospital. The parants are both loving and caring and they have just been robbed of there child. They did not make up any excuses or stories or lies about what could have hurt the baby. It is the most common bone in a child that is broken, acording to the doctor, it usually breaks during child birth. The childrens aid is going to put the baby in a foster home. They will not even let us look after the child. We are hiring a lawyer today.
    What has become of this system? Who monitors the CAS? What rights do we have? What can we do?

    HELP! CAS has abducted our baby and we haven't received a ransom letter yet, no charges have been laid.

    The parants are in shock, and ready to break.

  3. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Dear Grandparents...

    As a father, I have had the unfortunate experience of having CCAS in my (and my daughters)life for several years. In my experience the CAS's motus operandi seems to be find the person they want to blame, then try to establish their case. Here are the rules I have learned:



    3) CAS is well aware they have are self-governed (no oversight) so they will say anything to convince the courts of their righteous position (YES, THEY WILL LIE

    4) Retain a lawyer that has experience litigating against a CAS. if your lawyer suggests appeasement of the CAS, then fire the lawyer

    5) If the CAS will not provide your lawyer with a copy of their files, take them to court. Read their file thoroughly and make notes. Do not agree to a CAS demand that you cannot keep copies of their files

    6)The CAS is the enemy. If they try to present themselves as only looking out for the best interest the child, don't believe them. The CAS is only looking out for themselves. They only want to protect their position.

    7)Do not agree to the CAS doing any court ordered assessment. THEY ARE THE ENEMY. If an assessment is necessary, the Ontario Children's lawyer is better, and a private assessment is the best (and most important.

    8) Be as cooperative as possible, while firmly making sure your rights and legal best interests are protected. Everything should go through your lawyer

    Finally, I have found, in Toronto atleast, the Family Court Judges may at first give the CAS some leeway; but in the end the CAS has to prove their case. If they can't prove teir case the will not win in court. No judge wants to be overturned on appeal.

    Good Luck and God Bless

  4. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Hamilton MPP Andrea Horwath has introduced Bill 93 2008 - "An Act to amend the Ombudsman Act with respect to children's aid societies. The Bill amends the Ombudsman Act to allow the Ombudsman to investigate any decision or recommendation made or any act done or omitted in the course of the administration of a children's aid society."

    Let's all support this vitally important legislation. Call your MPP now!!

  5. CAS legally kidnapped my son, to the point where I now have several pieces of evidence why I could contest the adoption, plus sue the CAS and my lawyer that I had at the time. However my son is now 10 years old and has been adopte for 7 and a half years and although I want him back with all of my heart I know that it could be damaging emotionally to him. My proble is, that because this was an unjust decision it affected me emotionally and I stayed too long in an abusive relationship and therefore lost two other children to the CAS who subsequently gave them to my abuser, and believe everything that he says and do not believe anything that I say. There was a parenting assessment done and everyone was surprised at what it sauid and rightfully so considering that at least 50% of it are lies which could be disproved by documentation in my CAS file, but apparently they don't feel it's their job to look for that and I have been told that I am not allowed to have access to my file (so that I could locate the evidence myself), but I was able to have access to my file with a previous CAS and I know people who have been allowed to have access to their files with this same CAS. I have studied the law a little bit and I am pretty sure that legally they have to let me see my file, but I have been searching the Internet for Law documentation so that I could get it and show it to the supervisor who told me no and threaten to take him to court if he doesn't show me my file. Plus the judge would love to hear about what he told me, and there was a witness. I was wondering if maybe you could help me by pointing me in the direction of where I could find this information out. Plus I am looking for a good legal aid lawyer in London, Ontario. The one that I have had up to now I am planning on sueing with malpractice for lying to me in front of witnesses and lying to a judge. I kick myself everyday for not standing up in that court room and speaking for myself when my lawyer refused to. Anyway, any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. MY ex. is abusing my children and the system is abusing my rights. IT's time to put an end to their corruption!


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