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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Speaking Out: False Abuse and Neglect Report & CPS (Child Protective Services) Corruption

I was reported to CPS by a trusted neighbor because my daughter played on her trampoline everyday, she ASSUMED something was wrong at home because my daughter loved her trampoline, she also exaggerated and told CPS that my daughters clothes were too small, they were clean but too small, my daughters shoes were too big, told them my daughter would come to her house hungry, and they weren't going to school. Most of my subscribers know that I was homeschooling my children for a while and CPS knew about this, so the CPS worker knew it was a frivolous report. My family was lucky! CPS has been known to take children out of the home for no reason at all depending on how the worker feels. 


  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Thank you for this honest and accurate commentary on the not only sad but terrifying state of our loss of freedoms and safety with regard to THE most precious possession - our children/families! As a comment to the content I wish two things: that you would have explained a bit more about Nancy Schaffer and her FIGHT against the CPS corruption about which you spoke and comment a bit more on how families, our greatest strength and ally, is being torn apart as we helplessly watch our country pass laws that fuel this.... I am so sorry for your plight- I am sure you are suffering the post traumatic stress which reveals itself as a lack of trust of almost everyone. No one should live like that... Title IV needs to be axed! You are correct about people needing to meet quotas... It's sick! With true freedom comes great responsibility-seems the government thinks we are too stupid to plan and live our own lives! Well done! Wish you lived close to me we are a lot alike!

    1. Anonymous12:39 PM

      I am also in total agreement with your video. My family has also been illegally tormented by CPS because of nosy neighbors twisting facts and completely lying.
      This has nothing to do with economic conditions, the corruption spreads across all types of families. I am married, live in a large custom home in a very small wealthy town. I am financially well off, highly educated, have never abused illegal drugs or alcohol, and I have never neglected or abused my children yet I am spending thousands of dollars for an attorney all because a CPS worker decided to lie and go after my family.
      Even without a single shred of evidence, I was accused of neglecting my child. This worker showed up at my house 46 days after my
      neighbor called CPS, she had never met me or even laid eyes or spoken with my child when she stood in my front yard and called me an unfit mother. Because I dared to question her reasons for believing my neighbors vicious lies, the worker told me that I would regret underestimating her power.
      Living in hell ever since this incident even though nothing ever abusive or neglectful happened to my child.
      I never knew how corrupt and sick this agency was until now. No worker should
      ever have sole discretion or power to make
      decisions about people or have so much instant credibility to others. My word has no vaildity against hers, even though I am an upstanding person without any legal record of any kind.

  2. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Wait....... you had never even MET these people and you let your daughters go over there on a regular basis??????

    No, CPS still should never have been called, but you should ALWAYS know the people with whom she is interacting!!! My kids are 12 & 14 and still don't go anywhere unless I've met the parents.

  3. My granddaughter was kidnapped by CPS with no warrant because my 6 year old granddaughter walked across the street to play with some friends. Now her mother and my wife (grandmother) are dead as a result of CPS criminal actions and she has been adopted out. CPS in El Dorado County California and the juvenile court are a criminal conspiracy stealing children for money. Because I sued them, and to get back at me they would not allow anyone in our family to adopt her so she is in a strangers home when her family wanted to adopt her. I am now filing criminal charges against CPS and several judges. It will probably go nowhere as CPS just ignores the law and gets away with it because the county, the state and the feds are all part of the criminal conspiracy. It is disgusting!!! We are being raped by our own government and our kids are just another source of income for them to plunder!!!!


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