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Tuesday, April 02, 2019

National Privately Run Child Welfare Agency Fundraiser Month - Day 2

National Child Abuse Hysteria is in full swing through the month of April.  The System Sucks will be holding their events, planting their pinwheel gardens, and spreading misinformation about the issue and fluffing the numbers all month long.   

They will highlight the most horrific cases, use the number of phone calls to the hotline or the number of investigations that they conduct (even the unwarranted ones) to demonstrate the need for and raise awareness about the  services they offer.

I'm not going to waste too much time on it, however I would like to point something out from one of the articles that I came across today.  This is from a private agency that interviews "alleged victims" of abuse, not necessarily confirmed cases.
In 2018, those interviews hit record numbers. 
Willow Tree served 763 children last year, including 407 cases of alleged child sexual abuse and 133 cases of alleged physical abuse, and conducted 655 child forensic interviews. 
Meanwhile, the Sexual Assault Center served 1,075 alleged victims of sexual assault, including 910 in Brown County and 471 under the age of 18. 
At Healthy Families, where a display of 144 additional pinwheels is on display,150 families were served. 
Officials say the growing numbers do not necessarily indicate higher rates of abuse, but awareness.
Source >> Pinwheel Display Hopes to Raise Awareness During Child Abuse Prevention Month
What they don't tell you is how many of these cases have been confirmed.  They also don't focus on  the much higher number of false accusing CPS Rats who are making phone calls, the hell a family goes through when falsely accused or their lack of understand on what constitutes abuse.

What the do try to do is highlight all of the wonderful people who are involved with this mess, suck as your friendly neighborhood CASA Puppet.
The CASA program is always looking for new volunteers and has a goal of expanding their volunteers to 270 by the end of 2019. If you are interested in becoming a CASA, please contact...
Source >> Pinwheels to raise awareness for Child Abuse Prevention Month
Lets not forget about the most important reason for this month...  All the fund raisers they will be conducting.  I'll point out a few of these here or there.
Bue Ribbon T-shirts, Hats and blue ribbons are available for purchase on the Southeast Alabama CAC's FB page. 
Source >> Blue Ribbon Month kicks off for child abuse awareness
And that's all for today.

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