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Monday, April 01, 2019

National Child Abuse Propaganda Month - Day 1

April is National Child Abuse Propaganda Month.  That is the month of the year where my news feeds get filled with the most pro-CPS Bullshit.  This pro-CPS bullshit typically lasts for 2 months because May is considered to be National Foster Care Awareness Month.  Basically they go from one end of it to the other, as there is always a desperate need for more foster homes right after the month where they promote taking kids the most, I guess. 

In reality, National Child Abuse Propaganda Month should be called National Privately Run Child Welfare Agency Fundraiser Month.  You'll be able to buy blue pinwheels and blue ribbons that you can wear to show your support for Child Abuse Prevention. 

In the past I have suggested that if you were going to hold a protest in your town, this would be the time to do it.  Hand out educational fliers at their events or something.  Piss on their parade so to speak.  But I won't waste my breath this year.

Instead I'm just going to post the links so that you all see what it is that I have to sift through.

So without further ado...

Those are just a few of what I am talking about.  I'd post them all but I'm not going to spend my life doing that.

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