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Friday, December 15, 2017

DCF/CPS Kidnaps Kids. Be Aware of Their Dirty tricks....My story


We don't have CPS here in Florida. We have a similar bloated bureaucratic cesspool called DCF. DCF standing for Department of Children and Families. I have plenty of experience dealing with local type law enforcement agencies but, this was my first time dealing with this type of state agency. I am writing this so people can learn from my experience and arm themselves with knowledge and know their dirty tricks to look for if they ever find themselves in a similar situation. Remember, they don't call it an agency for a reason, agency sounds cold and invasive so they say "department" or "services"but, it is an agency run by agents just like any other law enforcement agency, it is a family law agency though, not a criminal law agency. You must remember that all your constitutional rights apply and you need to use them just like you were being accused of murder. Don't let them in the house and lawyer up immediately.

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