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Monday, April 03, 2017

The most pathetic article of 2017 so far

Oh Joy!  Lucy Spraggan is going to be a foster sucker!  And now the dumbass who is obviously looking at this through a set of rose colored glasses, is using her fame to sucker more unsuspecting victims convince more potential foster care providers to join in.

Yes folks, every now and then I come across one of those articles that just makes me want to bang someones head off the wall and scream.  Here it is.

Hold on to your lunch...

“Me and my fabulous wife are now officially approved foster carers,” the singer wrote. “Woo!” 
She also urged her followers who may be interested in fostering to look into it.

More >> Lucy Spraggan and her wife have been approved as a foster carers and they couldn’t be happier

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