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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Profitable Pinwheel Gardens: Child Abuse Prevention Month 2017 is all about the Fundraisers

Blue Pinwheel

As we know, April is Child Abuse Propaganda Month.
And what would Child Abuse Propaganda Month be without the pretty blue pinwheels that are used to represent a child reported to CPS?

What most people don't realize though is that this month isn't really designed to help protect children from abuse or neglect.
It's designed to raise money for the Child Protective Industry.
Although the theme or message of Child Abuse Propaganda Month is claimed to be to raise awareness about child abuse as they do need to get more people reporting potential child abuse in honor of job security...
most of these events are designed to raise funds by selling pinwheels or food or tickets to a fun event for the whole family or whatever they can think up.
Any private or non governmental agency can join in the fun if they provide any type of service or have any contracts with the states Child Welfare Agencies.
And of course, you can give them your money and buy a pinwheel.

Perhaps it will make you feel important.  Like you made a difference or something.

Here are some more Child Abuse Propaganda Month events that you all should be out protesting.

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