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Saturday, November 05, 2016

I am sorry for posting this link.

When finding the links that I post to Legally Kidnapped I often have to sift through tons of bullshit.  Occasionally I try to bring some of this to your attention.  This is one of those times.

Here is one of the more pathetic examples of pure unadulterated bullshit that you will ever see posted to Legally Kidnapped.

Again, I do apologize for having to show you this.  Hold on to your lunch and click on the link below...
My favorite thing to say when anyone asks why I support Hillary Clinton to be our 45th president is, "Because she made me a mom." More to the point, she gave my daughter parents. She gave us all a family. And that is not hyperbole.
More >> I Am a Mom Today -- Because Hillary Clinton Made It Possible
She goes on to say...
My husband and I adopted our daughter in 2004. One thing that has always driven me insane is when people meet her and remark, "Well, aren't you lucky?" Because no, she is not lucky. She is entitled. Every person born deserves at least one good parent. We, her parents, are the luckiest people alive to have the honor of being her mom and dad.
and it only gets worse from there.  When you are done reading the above article please watch the following video for deprogramming.  A little truth to counteract the BS.

Peace, Love and Flowers...


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