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Monday, November 21, 2016

DCS Director Greg McKay telling the TRUTH. MUST see perjury FREE. McKay said SEIZE 2016

Arizona DCS (AZ CPS) need warrants to seize kids. Greg McKay said he was looking at the application of removal on 2-19-2016. More safe kids have been seized for nebulous "Neglect" Under bad caseworker policy from DCS. They teach caseworkers to never obtain the required warrant. Greg McKay, we want a warrant policy and education on emergency exigency to remove kids without a warrant for caseworkers. If you refuse families and many social workers want your to resign as you're too seize happy to function as a Director.

Want Greg McKay to stop seizing safe kids? Let him know!
Greg McKay
602.255.2500 (Why are emails still at DES? Rebrand coming soon?) Warrant removals don't abolish the seizing organization brand just better the bad policy.

Exigency- Risk of severe bodily harm or worse. -Greg McKay knows "impending danger" is NOT exigency!

Questions? Comments? Call me :)
Del McArdle

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  1. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Emails sent to are being returned as undeliverable. Anyone have a valid email address for him??


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