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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

England’s Stolen Children – Controversial New Documentary On Forced Adoption

The French media have been fascinated for some time by England’s use of Forced Adoption, as a country very much in the minority in how they apply this controversial approach to vulnerable families. The latest documentary from France on this topic has been produced by France 5 and is called “England’s Stolen Children”. It airs tomorrow evening, 7.40pm UK time.

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    1. How do you know the child in question that was offered up so easily to you was in fact theirs to give away? There are so many children, I mean literally 80 - 85% maybe even higher, of the children offered up for adoption are stolen from their homes, their legitimate families. The other 15%, or so, of the children are actually orphaned, without a natural family, they need a new family, but only after an extensive search there is actually NO family left for the child(ren), then an adoption is warranted, and NOT before. I am sorry you are going through the battle with cancer, and I hope the child, that was more than likely stolen, is not effected by the tough time you have had to endure. With God's Grace you will beat this cancer. With all the GMO's that is added to our food and drink, as well as what we all are forced to breath in our air, it's no wonder cancer is so wide spread as it is, and affecting so many of us, my own mother, and her brother have battled the disease, I will pray for you. I don't support you taking a child away from their family, who more that likely needed work, or counseling to get through the difficult times they must have been facing. CPS,DHS,DHHS, and so many other names they use, exploit all manner of family struggles to lie to the courts to legally steal children. Which only lines their pockets, it's THE ONLY REASON! they have in their type of reasoning, to KILL the family unit.They receive thousands,and thousands,and thousands of dollars from Federal and State government's to line their pockets, this corporation, their are nothing less than a TERRORIST GROUP, our very own no less,they have ZERO accountability everyone from the very top to the lowest part of the government are afraid of them. They have killed a U.S. sitting Senator and her Husband, because she was attempting to STOP, and shed light on their corrupt and evil organization. I don't mean to rain on your parade, with the adoption, I am sorry for being so blunt, and if the child really did lose all her family in a terrible accident, then you are truly blessed, if not it's really unfair for the child to be put through all this. From a Very Concerned Grandmother, I am still fighting for
      my 4 grandchildren who were viciously stolen in Reno Nevada by CPS, I sat in the court room listening to the perjured words from CPS and the D.A., the judge was in their back pocket, I read this in a published paper the Judges who are paid the most by which ever side, gets their ruling in their favor, and it is always the Child Protective Services, where the adoptions must be approved by before they are carried through.


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